First World Criminals

FWC is a hip-hop project based on the east coast of Australia. They fuse slick electronic grooves with live samples and instrumentals to bring bass-heavy, melodic beats to move dancefloors. MC's Jesta, Draw, Wyldcard and Pryde deliver bone-crushing rhymes and vocal rhythms, weaving stories and metaphors into a vivid modern social commentary; one which delves deeply into the Australian underground scene and subcultures. Singers Pari and ASP bring sultry, soulful vocals, tantalising audiences with hooks and melodic layers. With their incredible producers, Tabula Rasa, oJae and Zablotskii, First World Criminals bring you hip-hop like you’ve never heard it before.


Jeremy Bowden (Rapper)
Lucas Bowden (Rapper)
Sean Bradney-George (Rapper)
Mitch Ward (Rapper)
Hana Reza (Singer)
Alexandra Purcell (Singer)
Aleks Zablotskii (Engineer)
Max Spackman (Producer)
Michael Keza (Scratch Artist)